If you can't see nothing

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If you can't see nothing

Post by Zareph »

:eng101: There are a few reasons why you might not be able to read the forums. :eng101:

1) You're new to the corp and never had access.

What you should do is apply to MERCH INDUSTRIAL in-game, putting your sponsor or PA name in the application. Register a forum account here. If you don't receive a response within 3 days, either PM Just Some Dude on the PA forums or tell your sponsor to PM Random Gen on these forums. Once you are accepted in-game, then your permissions are manually granted here.

2) You were in the corp but were kicked due to inactivity.

No problem, most of the time people are welcomed back. Simply reapply to MERCH INDUSTRIAL stating you were a former Merchi looking to return. If you have a new character name, you will need your PA account name or to find an active sponsor. Your exile status will be removed and you will once again partake in really bad posting.

3) You are a spambot/spy/inconsequential.

Unless you are providing me with free access to Brazzers, you can go join one of the other corps that accepts the j4g bloat.
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Re: If you can't see nothing

Post by Naja Bo »

4) You were one of the 2000 or so users I just pruned in an effort to get rid of all the spambots. Don't want to be pruned? Post something. Only people with 0 posts were cut. Feel free to re-register if you got caught in the net.